Last Cake Class!

So Thursday we had our final cake class for the Wilton Decorating Basics Course that Jenny and I took at Michael’s.   Jenny came over the night before and we got our cakes ready.  We had to bring a cake to class already iced in buttercream.  I had an 8″ double layer peanutbutter cake with chocolate pudding and mini chocolate chip filling.  Jenny had a 9″ chocolate cake with homemade raspberry jam filling!  Yum!  We both decided to ice our cakes in white buttercream because of the designs we had chosen to do for our final project.

I wanted to do the “Ribbon Rose Rendezvous Cake”  and Jenny wanted to do a variation of the one of the cakes in our course book.  We made up all the butter cream we would need for the next day, and colored it too.  Then we laughed at Cake Wrecks for a while before she went home.  (Absolutely hilarious… check it out if you haven’t!)

On Thursday we rushed over to class and were surprised that there were only 4 of us in class!  I guess some people weren’t able to make class that night.  It was great though, because instead of Jenny and I both being squished into one table, we each had our own table!  woohoo!  Our instructor showed us how to do writing on cakes, and showed us the ribbon rose again.  Then we started practicing.  Once we practiced for a while, she said we could start decorating our cake.  I decided to use my practice roses for me cake.  Good thing too because we barely got done in time as it was!

So I started off making a mound of frosting on my cake, then placed the roses on it.  I ended up having to make a few more roses to get the design symmetrical.  Then I made little clusters of white dots on the cake.

Next I added some leaves to cover the white mound under the roses.  I wish I would have made the leaves a little bigger.  They look tiny compared to the roses!  Then I piped a quick shell boarder around the bottom and covered it with the white rosette border.

Here’s Jenny piping on her rosette border.  It looks red in the picture but her roses were actually light pink, dark pink and yellow.

Her yellow and pink rose turned out so cool!  This picture doesn’t do it justice!

Here’s her finished cake.

We both had fun with the class, and are planning on taking the other 2 classes sometime in the fall or winter when things aren’t so hectic!!


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Wilton Class #3

For class last week we had to bring cupcakes.  We learned how to fill cupcakes and how to make some flowers with buttercream.  I was so tired and had no energy for that class!  I made it through though, and learned some new things.

We made pom pom flowers..

We learned the shaggy mum…

We also learned the drop flower, leaves and a shell border.  You can see the drop flower in the top left of this picture..

The instructor showed us to to make the rose, but we didn’t have time to practice.  So the green rose up in the last picture was made by the instructor, not me.  I’ll get to try making them for the last class.

Jenny and I had fun.  This coming week we don’t have class, so our last class is the week after.  For the last class we have to bring a cake that’s iced and then decorate with flowers, etc in class for our final project.  I hope mine turns out cute!

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Wilton Class #2

For the second class we had to bring in a 1 layer 8 inch cake, we had to make a couple batches of frosting, and all our supplies, in order to decorate the cake.  Jenny and I had so much stuff!  Luckily we got a table together again.  We started out by leveling our cake and torting it.  Then put in a dam and added filling.  Things were going good up until this point, then I realized I hadn’t taken the top layer off my cake, I had put the filling on the top layer!  Jenny was able to help me use the cake lifter to lift the top off, put it on the cake board, then flip the bottom layer onto the top!  Crisis averted!

Next we filled our icing bag so we could ice the cake.  While trying to fill it, I dropped a big glop of icing on my lap!  I was wearing my apron though, so it was ok!  And really funny!  Then we iced our cakes.  Jenny and I had made a light violet color.

Next we had to practice making zigzags and dots on our practice board.

Today we were trying a piping gel transfer.  We put wax paper over a picture of a cupcake and traced it with piping gel.  Then we put the gel side of the wax paper on our cake and pressed down…

Then you remove the wax paper, and voila!  The image is on the cake for you to till in with icing…

We filled in the image, and added some cute decorations.  Then piped a zigzag border around the bottom.  The finished product…

And Jenny’s cake.  They both turned out really cute!

It was a little hot and crowded in the room, but all in all it was fun.  I think Jenny is starting to see why I like decorating!  We’re even talking about taking the next class! Woohoo!

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Getting ready for Wilton Class #2

Tomorrow is our second Wilton cake decorating class.  Since Jenny’s kitchen is all torn up (being remodeled after water damage) she came over here to bake cakes and make frosting with me!  Hooray!  I needed to make some cupcakes for a friend at work, so I made those tonight too, plus we are going to use the extra cupcakes for our 3rd class next week.

So I started before Jenny got here by mixing up and baking some vanilla cupcakes.  When Jenny got here, I made her make our cakes for class.  We are each supposed to bring 1 layer 8 inch cake.  So we mixed up some vanilla cake and put it into my new 8 inch pans.  They turned out nice!

While the cakes were baking, we started working on the frosting.  I have to admit, I usually buy the Wilton frosting pre-made because it’s always the right consistency and easy to decorate with.  So I was a little nervous about making frosting.  We followed their directions though, and it turned out good, I think.  We made a double batch of thin consistency and tinted it a light violet color to ice the cake with, and we made a double batch of medium consistency and left half white and half teal.  You’ll see tomorrow what we do with that!

While we were baking, we snacked on some raspberries from Green Villa… YUM!

When the cakes were done, we made a batch of devil’s food cupcakes and I taught Jenny the trick of putting the batter into a baggie and using the baggie to fill the cupcakes.  It works like a charm!

We had a good time in the kitchen….

And we got all our stuff packed up for class tomorrow…

I also got the cupcakes ready for Sky.  I will decorate those tomorrow before class!

I hope class goes well tomorrow!  I can’t imagine all of us in that tiny room when it’s 90 degrees outside!  We’re going to be melting… I hope our cakes don’t!

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Wilton Class #1

For my birthday, Jenny paid for my “Decorating Basics” class at Michael’s!  Coolest birthday present EVER!  A couple weeks before my birthday, I was telling Jen that I wanted to take the class but I was nervous to go on my own.  I wondered if she would want to go with me.  Then my birthday came along, and she had paid for classes for both of us.  WOOHOO!  So the class is 4 Thursday nights in July, 2 hours per class.  Last night was our first one.  I had bought us our student kits and set them up in cute little carriers.  For the first class you were supposed to bring cookies to decorate too.  I ordered a dozen big round flat sugar cookies from the bakery, so we had 6 each.  They worked perfect!  We showed up to class a couple minutes late and almost didn’t get to sit together.  Panic!  Then a nice lady moved down one spot so we could sit together.  Yay!

The first class was mostly the instructor talking.  She told us how to bake a cake, how to make frosting, how to tort a cake, fill a cake, frost a cake…. etc  Then we practiced making stars, which I’m actually ok at since I do those star fill in cakes all the time (like Buzz Lightyear last week!)  After that we finally got to ice our cookies.  Jen and I had fun making cute little designs on our cookies, but we only had a few minutes before the instructor pulled us back to class to learn how to do a piping gel transfer for next week.

The 4 on the left are mine, the rest are Jenny’s.  I already squished 2 of mine putting them away before I remembered to take pictures!

After class, we did a little shopping.  We got the things we’ll need to class next week, plus I got some things for this weekend.  I can’t wait to see how 12 people crammed into a tiny hot room, 2 people to a table are going to ice cakes!  Crazy!

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