Silver Creek Falls

Dad and Jennifer took me to Silver Creek Falls today for our annual birthday hike. This is the first waterfall you see, South Falls I think?
This is the second one you see on the trail. As you can see it was a beautiful sunny day! Perfect for hiking.
This picture was taken from behind the falls. I thought it looked kind of cool.
I loved these ferns. I’m not sure what kind they are but they were really cool looking.
I don’t know what this plant was either, and I’m not sure you can see in this photo, but the leaves were really cool and covered with little drops of water. It looked really neat.

We left around 9am, got to the falls an hour or so later. Hiked one of the shorter trails, then had a homemade, packed lunch that Jennifer brought. It was really good chicken salad sandwiches, apples, pear, carrots, string cheese and 100 calorie chocolate covered pretzels… yum! Then we drove back through Salem and stopped at Dutch Bros. My first time! I got a Dutch freeze? It was really good! Cool and refreshing! We also stopped at a pet store on the way back and I got a couple toys for the spoiled cats.

Now I’m off to take a quick nap after I put a chicken on the Traeger. I have never cooked a whole chicken before but I’m going to try it tonight on the Traeger. I’m sure it will be good!

Thanks Dad and Jennifer for the fun day!


June 16, 2008. Silver Creek falls oregon hike nature. Leave a comment.