Frozen Buttercream Transfer (FBCT)

Sooo… while reading my favorite cake pages, I see all kinds of acronyms that I don’t understand.  One was FBCT.  Then yesterday when I was looking for ways to make a certain cake  I realized that FBCT stood for Frozen ButterCream Transfer.  It’s when you take a design/picture, put wax paper over it, then pipe the design on the wax paper, put it in the freezer, after an hour or so, pop it on your cake and peel the wax paper off.  I think it might work for the cake I want to do, but I wanted to practice first to see if I could do it.  I have frosting leftover in the fridge from the 4th of July still… I always throw all my leftover icing tubes into the fridge thinking I might use them on the next project, but what usually happens is I find them taking up room in there a couple weeks later and throw all the icing out.  I had this brilliant idea today to use some of that old icing to practice the frozen buttercream transfer!

I grabbed a Hello Kitty coloring book I have… (yes, I have coloring books, and yes, I love Hello Kitty…) and found a picture that I wanted to try the transfer with.

I covered it with wax paper and started piping in the black lines with some black wilton frosting in a tube that I had bought to do the ladybugs with.  I should have taken pictures as I was doing this part, but I got so into it, I didn’t stop and pick up the camera!  After the black I did the red, blue and finished with the white.  Then I put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes to harden up a little.  Then I put a layer of white over the whole backside to even it out.  Then back into the freezer for an hour or so.

While I was waiting, I remembered a trick I read about for practicing decorating.  Instead of making a cake to practice on, this lady said she just turned the cake pan over and decorated the cake pan.  Genius!  I don’t have to worry about what to do with the cake, and I’m only wasting frosting that I was going to throw away anyway!!  So I frosted the pan white, and added a red border at the bottom with black dots.  (We practiced dots in class last week ) As you can see in the pictures that follow, I didn’t quite have enough frosting to go all the way around the sides, so I just decorated half the side and made sure that was the front of the “cake”.

When the FBCT was ready, I took it out of the freezer, plopped it on the “cake” and peeled off the wax paper.  Pretty easy!  I was a little messy when I was doing the white icing on hello kitty’s face.  I knew I went into the black and I could have fixed it, but I just kept going since it was only a practice one.  So you can see how she’s messy by her nose.  That was completely my fault.

I think normally you would ice around the edge of the transfer so it’s not so obvious that it’s a half inch taller than the icing on the top of the cake, but I was pretty much out of white icing, so I couldn’t try.  I’m leaving it sit out for a while to see what happens as the transfer thaws.  I’ve read that it won’t run and it just turns soft like regular icing again.  We’ll see!  This was a cool technique to find and I’m glad I got to try it out!  I can see some uses for it in the future.  It’s similar to the piping gel transfer technique we learned in class last week, but with that you just transfer the outline onto your cake, then fill it in on the cake.  This way you do the whole thing off the cake, freeze, then put onto the cake.  Now to go wash off that cake pan…  At least I don’t have a whole cake to eat!!


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My birthday cake failure!

Ok, so I’ve been putting off making this post because it was my first big failure cake!  I wanted to make a huge 3 tier cake for my birthday.  Not because we needed that much cake, but because I wanted to try making a tiered cake!  I think they look so neat!  I had looked at tons of cakes on Cake Central for inspiration and came up with some ideas.  The weird thing is, as I started working on the cake, I didn’t take ANY pictures.  It’s almost like I had a feeling it was going to fail and I didn’t want any pictures to show for it!

I started out on Friday baking 2 10′ round dark devils food cakes.  Then on Saturday I  went to bake the other 2 cakes, but realized I didn’t have an actual 8′ cake pan.  Plus, my pan for the 10 and 6 inch cakes were 2 inches high each, and the 9 inch pan I had makes about a 1 inch cake…. so I ended up making 3 9 inch raspberry cakes.  And finished with 2 6′ peanut better cakes.

Then I filled the devils food with dark chocolate icing and frosted the sides of it as well.  I rolled out white fondant and covered the cake.  First problem, the fondant didn’t quit reach all the way to the bottom on one side of the cake!  Plus I had a small pleat where I couldn’t smooth out the fondant at the bottom.  Grrr, not a good start!  I added support rods and then started on the next layer.  I filled the raspberry cake with raspberry filling. I did light pink fondant for this layer.  Put it on the cake and had the same problem with a spot that wasn’t smooth.  Also a small tear happened  there too!  Grrrr, I moved it to the same side as the problem on the bottom layer.  That will be the back of the cake, I thought.  It was hard to stack that layer on the bottom layer, but with Shawn’s help, I got it stacked.  Then I went to work on the top layer. I filled the peanut butter cake with chocolate filling and frosted it.  I did dark pink fondant for that layer.  This time the fondant went on with no tears, no puckering, it was perfect!  Yay!

The bottom layer I put fondant flowers on.  I put a pink ribbon on fondant around the bottom and then piped frosting around it to finish it off.

The middle layer, I did a quilting effect on, with sugar pearl accents.  I put a white fondant ribbon around that layer and piped the pink icing to finish.

The top layer I tried making fondant roses for and also made a Happy Birthday plaque surrounded by sugar pearls.

I had never made fondant roses before, but they turned out pretty good.  I just wasn’t sure how to attach them to the cake!  I used toothpick, but pushed too hard on a couple and the toothpick came out the front of the rose!  Grrrr… add it to the list of failures on this cake!

By the time it was done, the cake was leaning.  Not enough supports!  Plus, my cakes are really moist… not like the bricks/cake they show that they use on all those Ace of Cake Boss shows!  Moist cake wants to compress with all that weight on it.  Besides the weight of the cakes and fillings themselves, there was over 6 pounds of fondant on that cake!  Yikes!

The Leaning tower of cakesa!

Here’s it leaning from the side

And here’s a picture of the back with all the flaws!  The small tear in the back of layer 2 kept getting bigger and bigger as the cakes settled!

Ok, so I had my first major failure.  On the plus side, I learned ALOT!  And, even though I was afraid the cake would fall over, it didn’t.  Plus, the cake inside tasted GREAT!  I’m looking forward to trying again, maybe just a 2 tier, and see how that goes.

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First fondant cake

I knew I wanted to use fondant for a birthday cake for Lucas, so I figured I better get some and see if I could even work with it!  This is my first fondant cake, and I learned A LOT in the process!

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Luscious Four-layer Pumpkin cake… November 2008

I was looking through the Kraft Foods magazine and saw this cake, the “Luscious Four-Layer Pumpkin Cake” and I just had to try to make it.  It looked so good!

It was really good!  I keep meaning to make it again sometime, but I haven’t had the chance yet.

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Practice Cake… September 2008

I had alot of leftover frosting from making the Mario cake.  So I made a simple 2 layer cake just so I could practice and try to learn some decorating techniques.  At this point I still didn’t have the good Wilton decorating tips.  I was using a little kit I bought at one of the kitchen outlet stores that had a few different tips, and also some designs you could place on the cake as a guide to decorate with.  So I was stuck using red and flesh colored frosting, but this is what I came up with:

It turned out pretty cool, even with the weird colors.

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