Friday off = garage sale day!

Mom and I went garage sale-ing this morning. My first purchase was the 3 items above. I got the little green pitcher for 25 cents, the green vase with daisies for 25 cents (it’s not old, but I thought it was cute) and the yellow Hull bowl for 50 cents. I spent a whole dollar!
At a sale in Monmouth I bought this Hawaiian Hello Kitty for $1. Shhh… don’t tell Shawn!
At that same sale I also got this framed poster for $5. It was the big purchase for the day, but I really liked it. Not sure where it will hang yet, but hopefully I can talk Shawn into putting it up somewhere.
At a large multi-family sale I got 6 Pampered Chef mini cookbooks for 50 cents each and 3 Mary Englebriet teapots for $1. I will have fun looking through the books.
My last purchase of the day were these white flower bowls. They are slightly larger than the blue and green ones I already had. I have 2 blue, 2 green and 1 white of the smaller ones and I bought 6 of the large white ones for $1.50! They look cute together!

So I spent $12.50 for all this fabulous junk to add to all the fabulous junk I already have! haha It was a fun day though, and Mom and I even went to a new place for lunch in Dallas. I already can’t remember the name, something like Mike and Michelle’s. It’s a little cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. I had a taco salad and Mom had a burger, both were really good. I also got a homemade cinnamon roll to go for Shawn. We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks delicious!

Ok, time for a NAP! All that shopping wore me out! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


June 20, 2008. garage sale finds bargains. Leave a comment.

Mother’s Day Makeup

I was really sick last weekend over Mother’s Day, so I wasn’t able to celebrate with my mom. So we had a makeup Mother’s Day today! We went to lunch at J. Bella’s and to see the movie “What happens in Vegas”. Lunch was really good! But we had some time to waste before the movie started, so we looked for some garage sales. We only ended up hitting one (as the others looked like just clothes and junk) but the one we found had some nice items! I ended up buying a couple pictures which I hung in my room, and a piece of green, Vaseline glass looking dish.. maybe a parfait dish? Mom got a really pretty piece of Roseville pottery. I’m not usually a fan of it, but this piece was really nice. It was a fun mother-daughter day! Thanks Mom!

$5 for the pair of pictures

$3 for this parfait cup? Or whatever it is!

May 17, 2008. garage sale finds bargains. Leave a comment.