Mom’s 60th birthday

We threw a big party for my Mom’s 60th birthday.  We needed lots of cake!  I baked 3 cakes for the party, all with things on them that reminded me of my Mom.  The weekend before the party I started making some of the decorations that would last.  I made a whole bunch of old fashioned buttons out of chocolate and candy melts.  Some were made in plastic molds, but the fancy ones were made in “First Impression” silicon molds.

I also made a teacup out of gum paste, using this tutorial

And some brooches made out of gum paste, sugar pearls and sugar gems.  The cameos are chocolate made from a silicon mold.

On Thursday night I baked the 10″ cake.  It was one layer of devil’s food, one layer of vanilla and devil’s food marbled.  On Friday, I baked the 8″ which was lemon with raspberry filling, and the 6″ which was raspberry with raspberry filling.  In between, I started frosting the cakes.  I finished the 10″ first.  I frosted it with vanilla butter cream in a pale green color.  I used an impression mat to make a diamond pattern on the sides.  I put sugar pearls on as accents, and large sugar pearls around the bottom.  I put a lip on the top edge with butter cream, then covered the top with the chocolate buttons.  It was supposed to look like a button tin, like Mom used to have.

Next I finished the 8″ cake.  I frosted it with lemon butter cream in pink, then rolled out some white fondant and made it look like a doily, and put it on top.  The teacup went on top of that, with the bouquet of gum paste flowers inside.

The 6″ cake I frosted with white vanilla butter cream, and attached the gum paste brooches around the sides.  I made a “60” to go on top.

Overall they turned out pretty good.

I also made some cake balls…  Please visit Bakerella if you want instructions on how to make those tasty treats.  Or check out her new book, which is awesome!

Here’s the whole cake table spread…

I think everyone enjoyed it, and I know Mom did, so that’s what’s important!  Happy 60th Birthday Mom!  I love you!


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Fondant and Gum Paste Flowers

So, I had made some roses with fondant on my own, just from watching some videos on You Tube, but I wanted to try to make more flowers, with fondant and with gum paste.  I started with Daisies.  I wanted to make a cake with daisies on it for a get-together at Mom’s with my friends Julie and Jenn.  I thought daisies would be fun and summery.  I looked on Cake Central and You Tube and found some advice and tutorials.  Here’s what I came up with my first try.

The one on the left, I painted a little green pearl dust around the center.  In the tutorials, it said it makes the daisy look more realistic.  Look at all the horrible edges though!  I learned I have to wiggle the cutter back and forth before lifting to get a good clear cut all the way around, with no jagged edges!

While making the daisies for the cake, I made some other flowers and shapes to put on some cupcakes for Julie and Jenn to take home to their kiddos.

Some flowers…

A rose…

A fish for Pete and a rubber ducky for Sam.  I made the duck by pressing fondant into my rubber duck candy mold, then coloring his beak and eye with food writers.

Some shells for Pete and Sam as they were going to see the Oregon Coast.  Made the shells by pressing fondant into candy molds, then brushing with pearl dust.

A little arrangement flowers and leaves.

Hello Kitty for Katie and a baseball for Zach!

So this is how the daisy cake turned out… It was 2 layers of devils food and 1 layer of raspberry cake, with raspberry filling.  Frosted in buttercream, with fondant ribbon at the bottom and sugar pearls, and fondant daisies on the side and top.  It tasted great!

And here are the cupcakes:

But I wasn’t happy with those flowers.  I had read that using gum paste gives a better result because you can roll it then and it hardens up, so I had to give it a try.  I started with roses.  I watched Edna’s tutorial on You Tube.  They are great!  I linked the first one, but it’s a several part series.  Watch them all if you want to learn how to make roses.  She uses some tools, but tries to keep it simple so anyone can learn.  I used her technique of using a round cutter for my petals.  So here’s my progression of the rose:

The base… You make these on the wire, then let them dry hanging upside down overnight.

The next day you add 2 petals to make the rosebud.

After that dries, you add 3 more petals for the small rose.

After that dries, you add 5 more petals for the medium rose.  You could add more petals from there, but I didn’t have a circle cutter that was bigger, and you would need bigger cutters for the next round.  I decided they were good at that point!

Next I bought a kit to help me make Calla Lillys, and I tried to make those.

They were fairly easy to make and looked really real!  I made the centers one night, and covered them in yellow sugar.  Then formed the flower the next night and put them together.  I even did some veining, which you can’t really see in the picture, but it made them look pretty realistic!

Next I worked on some yellow roses.  I bought a new ball tool, so these roses were MUCH easier to work with than the burgundy ones!

I was making these flowers to go into a fall bouquet on top of a cake for Jenny’s Mom’s birthday, so I made some more daisies, sunflowers, and some small orange flowers too.

This is finally what I came up with for the mound of flowers for the top of the cake.

I took the naked cake over to Jenny’s and we filled and decorated it there.  Here’s how the cake turned out.

I’ve learned lots while working on these flowers.  I can’t wait to make more because I got some advice on Cake Central that will help me make them even better next time!

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Luke’s 1st Birthday 2010

Sam and Jenny told me Luke liked his rubber ducky, so I wanted to make a rubber ducky cake for his first birthday.  I looked for ideas on Wilton’s page and found “Bathtime’s just ducky” and knew that was the one.  Instead of buying sugar ducks for decorations, I thought I would try making ducks from a candy mold.  I wanted to do some cupcakes to go with the cake and I thought the candy ducks would go on them really good.  About a week before the party I went to Michael’s and bought all the supplies… fondant, fondant tools, candy molds, candy melts, frosting, a duck mold pan, etc.  A few days before the party I had to make the bar of soap out of fondant.  It turned out so cute, I couldn’t believe it!

Then a couple days before the party I started making the duck candies.  I had never made molded candy before, but it was actually really easy and fun.  I just heated the candy melts, then used a tiny paint brush to paint in the beak and eye, then filled the rest with yellow.  They turned out really cute and looked just like the picture on the mold!

The day before the party I made the cakes.  I made a 13×9 devil’s food cake and a 13×9 vanilla cake.  I cut them both into an oval shape and put raspberry filling between.

Then I iced them with buttercream and started working on the fondant.

I figured out how much fondant I thought it would take to cover the cake and started mixing in blue food color gel to get the blue color.

I mixed and mixed and mixed… and wished I could stop at the tie-dyed color above.  Finally I got a solid blue color.

Then I rolled it out and put it on the cake.  I’m still not great at getting the sides smooth, but it came out pretty good.

Then I started putting on the rows of fondant for the water.

At this point, the fondant cake was done until the day of the party.  Then I worked on making the cupcakes.  They were chai cupcakes.

I also baked the duck cake (just a basic yellow cake) and let it sit over night before decorating on the day of the party.

On the day of the party I had to make a whole bunch of fondant bubbles…

I also started frosting the duck…

It was hard to get the duck on the cake… I thought it was going to fall over.  I ended up propping some of the fondant bubbles around him in the hopes of keeping him upright until the party!  Let me tell you, the ride to the party with Shawn holding the cake was no fun!

Here’s the finished product:

By the time it was done, I could not believe that I had made this cake!  It turned out so cute!  I enjoyed working with the fondant, and look forward to my next fondant cake.  I think I like it because I’m not so great and piping and making straight lines, and with fondant you cut things out and they look so precise and clean.

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First fondant cake

I knew I wanted to use fondant for a birthday cake for Lucas, so I figured I better get some and see if I could even work with it!  This is my first fondant cake, and I learned A LOT in the process!

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