Odds and Ends from 2010

It’s been a long time since I posted!  Here’s a few odds and ends from last year.  Then I’ll post about my little project from today!

I posted about some of my Halloween treats, but not the ones I took the Clint’s Halloween party.  This year I tried to make gross sweets instead of cute sweets.  Here’s what I came up with:

These were those pretzel rods put into skeleton finger molds with white almond bark….

Nasty looking finger cookies.  They tasted lots better than they looked…

And eyeball cake balls!

It was a creepy looking trio, but tasty!

For Christmas this year, I didn’t go all out on the cookies and candy like I usually do.  And I hardly took any pictures either.  Here’s what I have though:

This shows an assortment of what I made.  I had NFSC with Antonia74’s Royal Icing, Dark chocolate/mint chip cookies, Homemade Marshmallows, peanut butter balls, Oreo truffle balls, dipped peanut butter sandwich cookies, dipped Oreos… I think that’s it.

Here’s a closer view.  This is actually the plate of goodies I took to work the week before Christmas.

I also made a Christmas Candy Barrel cake, and it turned out so cute!  I posted it on cake central, and ended up being on the front page as one of the “Most Saved Cakes of the Day”.  I was really excited about that!  Here’s the cake…

My old work was having a potluck the week before Christmas, so I made some simple cupcakes to drop off there on my way to my new work!

I also made some raspberry cake balls for Christmas with some leftover cake I had…

I think that’s all I did at the end of the year.  I did make a friend some Dukes of Hazzard cupcakes for his birthday on Christmas, but I didn’t get any good pictures of them, just a couple on my phone.

Now…. on to the next project!


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No tricks, all treats!

We decided to do our annual pumpkin carving at my house this year because I wanted to make a bunch of treats and I needed someone to share them with!  So Clint, Piper, the kids, Dad and Jennifer all came over for White Chili, Mummy dogs, and lots of Halloween goodies on Sunday!  So here’s what I came up with… A couple weeks ago I made a Candy Barrel cake for a BBQ at Sam and Jenny’s.  I had always wanted to make one and this was my first attempt:

It’s 2 layers of devil’s food, with a layer of peanut butter cookie between.  Filled with chocolate chocolate chip icing, then covered in chocolate icing.  Then you line the outside with Kit Kats broken into 2’s, and fill the top with Reese’s pieces!   Tie a ribbon around it and you’re done.  The easiest cake to make ever, and it looks so cute!  It’s VERY rich though.

So I wanted to make another Candy Barrel cake, because the kids didn’t get to taste that one, and I wanted Mom and Carl to get to try it too.  So I made the same thing, only tied off with a Halloween Ribbon this time.

And sitting on one of the cute new cake plates I got!  They were each tied with coordinating Halloween ribbon.  How fun!

I also made some giant cupcakes, because I got these cool cupcake wrappers from Sam and Jenny for my birthday a couple years ago and wanted to try them out!  They are real sturdy, you don’t have to put them in a cupcake pan, you just put the batter in and set them on a cookie sheet and they bake right up!  As soon as I saw these papers, I thought of Candy Corn, so I made cupcakes that were layered yellow, orange and white cake inside.  Then tried to do the same with the icing but it was pretty sloppy.  They were cute anyway and tasted good!

I also tried my hand at making some sugar cookies.  I tried the NFSC (No Fail Sugar Cookie) recipe for the first time last weekend and wasn’t happy with the results, so I tried again this weekend and they turned out much better.  This was only my second time trying to work with Royal Icing too.  It was a royal pain… But they turned out pretty cute… after 4 hours of icing them Friday night!!!

I used the leftover cake from trimming the Candy Barrel Cake to make some cake balls.  They were ugly but tasted great!

So here’s what the whole spread looked like together…

I had enough for the pumpkin carving party, sent leftovers home with everyone, took some to work for Heather, and took some to Dallas for Mom and Carl to try.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Cupcakes for Sky

Sky, a friend at work, wanted me to make some cupcakes for her friends daughter’s birthday.  I think she’s 3?  She wanted ladybugs or butterflies, but something cute and girly.  I looked through a book (Hello, Cupcake) Mom bought me a while back that  had some cute cupcake ideas.  I came up with the sunflowers with ladybugs, and the candy melt butterflies in pastels.

The sunflowers turned out really cute!

The centers of the sunflowers are oreos, and the lady bugs are M&M’s.

The butterflies I made a couple days early.  When I went to put them on the cupcakes last night, it was too warm!  It was a big melty mess!  I popped them in the freezer overnight, and they look pretty good this morning.  But note to self: don’t try to work with chocolate/candy melts when it’s sooooo hot!  Never again!

I hope they last until Sky can get them to the party!  With this hot weather, I’m a little worried!  At least they will taste good no matter what!  But I hope they stay cute long enough to be enjoyed!

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4th of July!

I made some cupcakes for the 4th of July.  I found some cute cupcake papers with flags at Michael’s and some cute star decorations at Capt. Albert Goodthings.  I wanted to make white cupcakes so the designs on the papers would should up good, but I didn’t want them to be boring white… so I dyed some of the batter red and some blue and layered it in the middle of the cupcakes.

Then I just decorated them with Betty Crocker vanilla frosting, the star sprinkles, and the flags.  I took a dozen to work, and a dozen are going to my Dad’s BBQ.

A couple months ago I bought a “Big Top Cupcake Pan”, but I hadn’t used it yet.  So I baked a peanut butter cupcake and filled it with chocolate pudding.  Then iced it with buttercream and fondant stars.  It turned out pretty cute.  I can’t wait to taste it!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

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To Infinity and Beyond!

My brother asked me to make a Buzz Lightyear cake for Miz’s 4th birthday.  I went and got the Wilton Buzz Lightyear pan at Michael’s, some colors, cupcake papers, and toppers.  I was thinking of doing some elaborate toppers made of fondant for the cupcakes, little characters from the movie, etc, but I ended up being sick for most of the week and weekend, so I just went with some basic fondant shapes instead.  I baked up the cake and cupcakes Friday night.

The cupcakes were vanilla with mini chocolate chips

The cake was devil’s food.

The next morning I started working on the cake and got it finished.

Then I worked on the cupcakes.  I just ended up frosting them white, adding blue sugar, and putting the Toy Story toppers and some fondant toppers on them.  I just went with stars and added 4’s because it was his fourth birthday, and his name (Miz).  I also made a couple that looked like Sheriff badges for Woody!

The last thing was writing Happy Birthday Miz and adding the candles.  It turned out pretty cute!

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Baby Shower Rocket Cake

Jenny asked if I would make a cake for a baby shower for her cousin.  I said sure! because it gave me an excuse to do some more decorating!  The shower has a space theme and I was a little unsure how to work that into a baby shower!  But I went to my trusty old Wilton webpage and found the “Incredible Voyage” cake.  I visited Michael’s again to buy a football cake pan and some other things.  The day before the party I baked the football.

I also made some stars out of fondant because I had an idea to add some cupcakes to the design.

Once the cake cooled, I frosted the whole thing in blue icing and started marking off lines for where I needed the door and windows to be.  Also added the rocket supports at the bottom.

Then I added the details

and the fire and smoke at the bottom

I made a little baby face with fondant and added him to the window.

Then finished it off with some star cupcakes.

Jenny just picked it up this morning to take to the shower today.  I hope everyone enjoys it!

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Luke’s 1st Birthday 2010

Sam and Jenny told me Luke liked his rubber ducky, so I wanted to make a rubber ducky cake for his first birthday.  I looked for ideas on Wilton’s page and found “Bathtime’s just ducky” and knew that was the one.  Instead of buying sugar ducks for decorations, I thought I would try making ducks from a candy mold.  I wanted to do some cupcakes to go with the cake and I thought the candy ducks would go on them really good.  About a week before the party I went to Michael’s and bought all the supplies… fondant, fondant tools, candy molds, candy melts, frosting, a duck mold pan, etc.  A few days before the party I had to make the bar of soap out of fondant.  It turned out so cute, I couldn’t believe it!

Then a couple days before the party I started making the duck candies.  I had never made molded candy before, but it was actually really easy and fun.  I just heated the candy melts, then used a tiny paint brush to paint in the beak and eye, then filled the rest with yellow.  They turned out really cute and looked just like the picture on the mold!

The day before the party I made the cakes.  I made a 13×9 devil’s food cake and a 13×9 vanilla cake.  I cut them both into an oval shape and put raspberry filling between.

Then I iced them with buttercream and started working on the fondant.

I figured out how much fondant I thought it would take to cover the cake and started mixing in blue food color gel to get the blue color.

I mixed and mixed and mixed… and wished I could stop at the tie-dyed color above.  Finally I got a solid blue color.

Then I rolled it out and put it on the cake.  I’m still not great at getting the sides smooth, but it came out pretty good.

Then I started putting on the rows of fondant for the water.

At this point, the fondant cake was done until the day of the party.  Then I worked on making the cupcakes.  They were chai cupcakes.

I also baked the duck cake (just a basic yellow cake) and let it sit over night before decorating on the day of the party.

On the day of the party I had to make a whole bunch of fondant bubbles…

I also started frosting the duck…

It was hard to get the duck on the cake… I thought it was going to fall over.  I ended up propping some of the fondant bubbles around him in the hopes of keeping him upright until the party!  Let me tell you, the ride to the party with Shawn holding the cake was no fun!

Here’s the finished product:

By the time it was done, I could not believe that I had made this cake!  It turned out so cute!  I enjoyed working with the fondant, and look forward to my next fondant cake.  I think I like it because I’m not so great and piping and making straight lines, and with fondant you cut things out and they look so precise and clean.

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Jenny’s Birthday 2010

For Jenny’s birthday I made a chocolate cake with rapsberry filling and also some mini Boston Creme pie cupcakes!

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Carl’s Cupcakes… April 2010

Made some yummy cupcakes for Carl’s birthday.  Chocolate cake with vanilla chocolate chip filling!

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Heather’s Baby shower 2009

Made another round of baby rattle cupcakes and baby buggy cake for Heather’s baby shower.

When I was done, I had lots of extra frosting so I did ANOTHER practice cake:

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