January 2009

He HATES being held!

Beautiful Boy!

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Christmas Kitty

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Christmas kitty!

Everyone always asks me if Big Boy is a lap kitty, because he’s so scared of people. They always wonder if he’s more friendly when no one else is here. Well my Christmas present from him was that he sat on my lap for more than an hour on Christmas Eve. This is only the second time he’s sat on my lap for more than a minute or two. I made Shawn take a picture because I knew no one would believe it!

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Presents from Sis

Sis gave me a pillow that says I love Cats and a couple whale beanies for Christmas so I put them on the cat tree for the cats and after dinner I found this! So thanks Sis! The kitties LOVE them!

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Bag Kitty

I was sitting at my computer and Tipsi just jumped into my recycle bag! She seemed to like it in there!

Looking left….

Looking right….
Just hanging out!

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Big Boy

A couple months after I got Tipsi, I went back and got her brother. I swear he’s her brother, though they look and act NOTHING alike! She is small, short-haired and part Siamese. He’s HUGE, long-haired, and part Maine Coon. She’s playful and energetic. He’s also playful, but prefers the toys come to him while he’s lying around.

I originally named him Kringer, like from He-Man, because all he did was cringe under my bed for the first few weeks I had him. But over time his name changed to Big Boy because that’s what I’m always calling him.

He likes to lounge. That’s mostly all he does. He sits with his arm on the arm rest and watches TV with us. I think he thinks he’s a little person.

He loves boxes. No matter how small, he will try to cram himself inside. I think he must feel safe in there? It can have some pretty funny results though!

He’s a sweet fluffy boy and I love him!

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I need a place to put all my crazy cat pictures…

Playing under my monitor
Watching me play WoW
The awkward teenage years
Just a couple days ago

The first day I got her

So I’m going to try blogging about my crazy cats! We’ll see how it goes because, who in their right mind would want to read about and see my crazy cats but me…. oh well! So the first pictures are of my sweet baby girl kitty. I got her in June 2007 when she was about 8 weeks old. Clint (my brother) found her in his backyard when he was dumping grass clippings! She was with her momma and a brother and sister. Clint knew I was wanting a kitten for my birthday so he kept the cats in a pet crate for a couple weeks, feeding them and litter box training them.

My nephew Dylan and I came up with her name, Tipsi, because the tips of her ears and tail were darker gray, while the rest of her was a silver color.

Ok so this isn’t working exactly how I want it to, but I’ll work on it later when I have more time.

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