Mom’s 60th birthday

We threw a big party for my Mom’s 60th birthday.  We needed lots of cake!  I baked 3 cakes for the party, all with things on them that reminded me of my Mom.  The weekend before the party I started making some of the decorations that would last.  I made a whole bunch of old fashioned buttons out of chocolate and candy melts.  Some were made in plastic molds, but the fancy ones were made in “First Impression” silicon molds.

I also made a teacup out of gum paste, using this tutorial

And some brooches made out of gum paste, sugar pearls and sugar gems.  The cameos are chocolate made from a silicon mold.

On Thursday night I baked the 10″ cake.  It was one layer of devil’s food, one layer of vanilla and devil’s food marbled.  On Friday, I baked the 8″ which was lemon with raspberry filling, and the 6″ which was raspberry with raspberry filling.  In between, I started frosting the cakes.  I finished the 10″ first.  I frosted it with vanilla butter cream in a pale green color.  I used an impression mat to make a diamond pattern on the sides.  I put sugar pearls on as accents, and large sugar pearls around the bottom.  I put a lip on the top edge with butter cream, then covered the top with the chocolate buttons.  It was supposed to look like a button tin, like Mom used to have.

Next I finished the 8″ cake.  I frosted it with lemon butter cream in pink, then rolled out some white fondant and made it look like a doily, and put it on top.  The teacup went on top of that, with the bouquet of gum paste flowers inside.

The 6″ cake I frosted with white vanilla butter cream, and attached the gum paste brooches around the sides.  I made a “60” to go on top.

Overall they turned out pretty good.

I also made some cake balls…  Please visit Bakerella if you want instructions on how to make those tasty treats.  Or check out her new book, which is awesome!

Here’s the whole cake table spread…

I think everyone enjoyed it, and I know Mom did, so that’s what’s important!  Happy 60th Birthday Mom!  I love you!


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Fletch’s Bacon cake

I wanted to make a bacon cake for Fletch’s birthday… because he likes bacon and everything is better with bacon!  Right?!?  So I had to decide… make a cake that looks like bacon, or make a cake that tastes like bacon.  I did find some recipes for maple cupcakes with bacon on top that actually sounded good, but I decided to go with making a cake that looked like bacon.  I wanted to make it look like a package of “Fletcher’s bacon” because his last name is Fletcher!  I was thinking I could to a frozen buttercream transfer to make the label, and make the bacon from fondant.  It did work pretty well, but I think the FBCT’s work best if they are placed on buttercream.

I made a 13×9 devil’s food cake and leveled it off  a couple days before.  The night of the party I iced the label using the FBCT method.  While it was in the freezer, I iced the cake with vanilla frosting and went to work on the fondant.  I mixed some reddish fondant with some white fondant and while I was mixing it, it got a marbled look, which seemed similar to a slab of bacon in the package.  So I rolled it out and put it on the cake.

I wanted an actual strip on bacon on each side, like you can see in the package of bacon.  So I made 2 strips and attached to each side.

Then I got the transfer out of the freeze and put it on the bacon.  Before I did that, I should have tried to score the fondant so it looked like slices, but I didn’t.  I tried it do it afterward and it was kind of hard! I piped a border of dots around the edge of the transfer.

At this point I should have piped on some more details to the label, like the real label has, but I was out of time, the party was already starting.  We took it over to the BBQ and Fletch loved it.  It was kind of creepy and gross looking, but it actually tasted really good and everyone got a good laugh out of it.

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Cupcakes for Sky

Sky, a friend at work, wanted me to make some cupcakes for her friends daughter’s birthday.  I think she’s 3?  She wanted ladybugs or butterflies, but something cute and girly.  I looked through a book (Hello, Cupcake) Mom bought me a while back that  had some cute cupcake ideas.  I came up with the sunflowers with ladybugs, and the candy melt butterflies in pastels.

The sunflowers turned out really cute!

The centers of the sunflowers are oreos, and the lady bugs are M&M’s.

The butterflies I made a couple days early.  When I went to put them on the cupcakes last night, it was too warm!  It was a big melty mess!  I popped them in the freezer overnight, and they look pretty good this morning.  But note to self: don’t try to work with chocolate/candy melts when it’s sooooo hot!  Never again!

I hope they last until Sky can get them to the party!  With this hot weather, I’m a little worried!  At least they will taste good no matter what!  But I hope they stay cute long enough to be enjoyed!

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50th birthday bowling cake!

A friend of mine asked me to make a 50th birthday cake as a surprise for her husband.  She wanted it to have a bowling theme.  I looked around on Cake Central and found a couple that looked doable, and let her decide which kind I should make.  She decided on a cake by Carmen that looked like this.   We talked about colors, and she decided on red, white and blue because those are the colors of the United States Bowling Congress and the birthday party is going to be on the 4th of July.  I sent a couple messages to Carmen through Cake Central to find out how she made her bowling pins.  She was very helpful.  Thanks Carmen!  So that’s where I started, on Friday night, making the bowling pins.  I copied an image of a bowling pin off the computer, then rolled out the gumpaste and cut around the template with a sharp knife.  Then I left them out on a flat area to dry.

Next I baked the cake.  I baked a 10 inch dark devils food cake that was about 3 inches high.  I also baked a half of a sports ball, to server as the bowling ball.  Once the cakes cooled, I wrapped them and left them overnight.

The next morning I leveled the cake off and then torted it (that’s a new term I learned in class this week!).  I put on an icing dam and filled it with chocolate icing.

Then I covered the cake with buttercream.  Here’s what it looked like when I iced it…

See how uneven it is?  I waited about 15 minutes, then smoothed the icing with a Viva paper towel, a hint I had read about on either Cake Central or Wilton’s forums, I don’t remember which.  After the smoothing, the cake looked like this… It’s almost as smooth as fondant!

Next I started working with the fondant.  I had to mix red, which I heard was hard to do, but maybe since I only had to mix a little bit, it wasn’t so hard.  It seemed to turn out pretty red.  Also I used some blue I had leftover from the Duck cake, and tinted it a darker blue.  Then I rolled it out and cut some long skinny triangles and stars and started attaching them to the cake.

Next I cut out the holes in the bowling ball.  Lisa wanted me to make sure they looked like a real bowling ball with two smaller ones and one larger one.  I hope she likes how it turned out!.  Then I iced the bowling ball and covered it with black fondant.  I bought the black fondant at Capt. Albert Goodthings in Salem.  I had heard it was hard to get fondant really black by mixing it yourself.  This was my first time using a different brand of fondant too.  This was Satin Ice instead of the Wilton fondant I usually use.  Then I set the bowling ball in the middle of the cake.

Then I made a little plaque that said Happy 50th Birthday Scott and attached it to the  front.

Then I iced some starts around the plaque, but was realizing I didn’t like the dull look of the bowling ball.  So I used a little shortening to smooth out the ball and make it shine.

Last thing was the bowling pins.  I decided to just use 3 because I didn’t want to make the cake too crowded.

I think it turned out really good!  I delivered it tonight, and the party is tomorrow.  I hope nothing happens to it between now and then!  It makes me nervous, I’ve never delivered a cake so far before the party.  What if something shifts or falls overnight!  I did remove the pins and left instructions for inserting them tomorrow, so I hope that works out well.  I hope it looks great, tastes great, and the birthday boy enjoys it!

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To Infinity and Beyond!

My brother asked me to make a Buzz Lightyear cake for Miz’s 4th birthday.  I went and got the Wilton Buzz Lightyear pan at Michael’s, some colors, cupcake papers, and toppers.  I was thinking of doing some elaborate toppers made of fondant for the cupcakes, little characters from the movie, etc, but I ended up being sick for most of the week and weekend, so I just went with some basic fondant shapes instead.  I baked up the cake and cupcakes Friday night.

The cupcakes were vanilla with mini chocolate chips

The cake was devil’s food.

The next morning I started working on the cake and got it finished.

Then I worked on the cupcakes.  I just ended up frosting them white, adding blue sugar, and putting the Toy Story toppers and some fondant toppers on them.  I just went with stars and added 4’s because it was his fourth birthday, and his name (Miz).  I also made a couple that looked like Sheriff badges for Woody!

The last thing was writing Happy Birthday Miz and adding the candles.  It turned out pretty cute!

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My birthday cake failure!

Ok, so I’ve been putting off making this post because it was my first big failure cake!  I wanted to make a huge 3 tier cake for my birthday.  Not because we needed that much cake, but because I wanted to try making a tiered cake!  I think they look so neat!  I had looked at tons of cakes on Cake Central for inspiration and came up with some ideas.  The weird thing is, as I started working on the cake, I didn’t take ANY pictures.  It’s almost like I had a feeling it was going to fail and I didn’t want any pictures to show for it!

I started out on Friday baking 2 10′ round dark devils food cakes.  Then on Saturday I  went to bake the other 2 cakes, but realized I didn’t have an actual 8′ cake pan.  Plus, my pan for the 10 and 6 inch cakes were 2 inches high each, and the 9 inch pan I had makes about a 1 inch cake…. so I ended up making 3 9 inch raspberry cakes.  And finished with 2 6′ peanut better cakes.

Then I filled the devils food with dark chocolate icing and frosted the sides of it as well.  I rolled out white fondant and covered the cake.  First problem, the fondant didn’t quit reach all the way to the bottom on one side of the cake!  Plus I had a small pleat where I couldn’t smooth out the fondant at the bottom.  Grrr, not a good start!  I added support rods and then started on the next layer.  I filled the raspberry cake with raspberry filling. I did light pink fondant for this layer.  Put it on the cake and had the same problem with a spot that wasn’t smooth.  Also a small tear happened  there too!  Grrrr, I moved it to the same side as the problem on the bottom layer.  That will be the back of the cake, I thought.  It was hard to stack that layer on the bottom layer, but with Shawn’s help, I got it stacked.  Then I went to work on the top layer. I filled the peanut butter cake with chocolate filling and frosted it.  I did dark pink fondant for that layer.  This time the fondant went on with no tears, no puckering, it was perfect!  Yay!

The bottom layer I put fondant flowers on.  I put a pink ribbon on fondant around the bottom and then piped frosting around it to finish it off.

The middle layer, I did a quilting effect on, with sugar pearl accents.  I put a white fondant ribbon around that layer and piped the pink icing to finish.

The top layer I tried making fondant roses for and also made a Happy Birthday plaque surrounded by sugar pearls.

I had never made fondant roses before, but they turned out pretty good.  I just wasn’t sure how to attach them to the cake!  I used toothpick, but pushed too hard on a couple and the toothpick came out the front of the rose!  Grrrr… add it to the list of failures on this cake!

By the time it was done, the cake was leaning.  Not enough supports!  Plus, my cakes are really moist… not like the bricks/cake they show that they use on all those Ace of Cake Boss shows!  Moist cake wants to compress with all that weight on it.  Besides the weight of the cakes and fillings themselves, there was over 6 pounds of fondant on that cake!  Yikes!

The Leaning tower of cakesa!

Here’s it leaning from the side

And here’s a picture of the back with all the flaws!  The small tear in the back of layer 2 kept getting bigger and bigger as the cakes settled!

Ok, so I had my first major failure.  On the plus side, I learned ALOT!  And, even though I was afraid the cake would fall over, it didn’t.  Plus, the cake inside tasted GREAT!  I’m looking forward to trying again, maybe just a 2 tier, and see how that goes.

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Sister’s Birthday 2010

While at Luke’s 1st birthday party, I asked Sis what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday.  She remembered Dylan’s Mario cake from a couple years back and wanted a Luigi cake like it.  I went through the same process of making a template and cutting out the cake, only this time I made the cake a little smaller.  I made Luigi out of 1 13×9 cake instead of 2 like Mario was.  I also made cake pops to go with it though, so there would be enough for everyone at the party.

Here’s Luigi.  The only major difference besides the shape was I used star fill-in to cover Luigi where with Mario I just tried to ice it even with a knife.

I didn’t have anywhere to write Happy Birthday, so I ended up writing it on the bottom of the cake!

The cake pops:

It made a cute display!

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Jenny’s Birthday 2010

For Jenny’s birthday I made a chocolate cake with rapsberry filling and also some mini Boston Creme pie cupcakes!

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Dad’s birthday 2010

Dad put the word out that he wanted carrot cake, so I wiped him up a carrot cake, but also made some cake pops which I had read about on Bakerella’s webpage.

The carrot cake

My first attempt at cupcake pops

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Logan’s Birthday 2010

Logan wanted an Ironman cake and I couldn’t find anything, no cake pan, no cupcake papers, nothing!  So this is what I came up with:

Red velvet and yellow checkerboard cake

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