Spaghetti Cake

So my brother was having a Murder Mystery night on Friday, and making his awesome lasagna.  I offered to make dessert, and I was thinking just some simple cake balls or something.  On Wednesday night I told him I was gonna bring cake balls and he said “Italian cake balls?”  And I thought Italian… cake balls… meatballs?  Maybe I could make a cake that looked like spaghetti and make cake ball meatballs… I looked at some ideas on Cake Central and went for it Thursday night.  I just baked an 8″ devil’s food cake, then torted it and put the bottom layer on a plate, filled it with raspberry filling, and put the top back on without leveling.  I wanted the mounded look.  Then I iced it in cream cheese frosting.  Then I put on tip 7 and just started squirting out noodles with the cream cheese frosting.

Then I made the cake ball meat balls.  I had left over batter from the single 8″, so I threw it in a 6″ and baked it at the same time.  I crumbled that up to make the meatballs.  Then dipped them in chocolate and tried to give them a rough, meatball look!

Then I mixed some raspberry filling with a little chocolate icing so it would be thicker, like pasta sauce.  I put that on the noodles, and rolled the meatballs in it and placed them on too.  I made one look like it was falling off.

And there you have it, a spaghetti cake!  It tasted really good too!!


February 13, 2011. Cake.

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