Mom’s 60th birthday

We threw a big party for my Mom’s 60th birthday.  We needed lots of cake!  I baked 3 cakes for the party, all with things on them that reminded me of my Mom.  The weekend before the party I started making some of the decorations that would last.  I made a whole bunch of old fashioned buttons out of chocolate and candy melts.  Some were made in plastic molds, but the fancy ones were made in “First Impression” silicon molds.

I also made a teacup out of gum paste, using this tutorial

And some brooches made out of gum paste, sugar pearls and sugar gems.  The cameos are chocolate made from a silicon mold.

On Thursday night I baked the 10″ cake.  It was one layer of devil’s food, one layer of vanilla and devil’s food marbled.  On Friday, I baked the 8″ which was lemon with raspberry filling, and the 6″ which was raspberry with raspberry filling.  In between, I started frosting the cakes.  I finished the 10″ first.  I frosted it with vanilla butter cream in a pale green color.  I used an impression mat to make a diamond pattern on the sides.  I put sugar pearls on as accents, and large sugar pearls around the bottom.  I put a lip on the top edge with butter cream, then covered the top with the chocolate buttons.  It was supposed to look like a button tin, like Mom used to have.

Next I finished the 8″ cake.  I frosted it with lemon butter cream in pink, then rolled out some white fondant and made it look like a doily, and put it on top.  The teacup went on top of that, with the bouquet of gum paste flowers inside.

The 6″ cake I frosted with white vanilla butter cream, and attached the gum paste brooches around the sides.  I made a “60” to go on top.

Overall they turned out pretty good.

I also made some cake balls…  Please visit Bakerella if you want instructions on how to make those tasty treats.  Or check out her new book, which is awesome!

Here’s the whole cake table spread…

I think everyone enjoyed it, and I know Mom did, so that’s what’s important!  Happy 60th Birthday Mom!  I love you!


November 15, 2010. Birthday Cakes, Cake, Fondant.


  1. Sandy newsom replied:

    You know, I really hadn’t figured out about the button tin!! How crazy is that! I can see it so plainly now! It’s the old sliver one, huh? Do you have that?
    You did a fantastic job. They were all just beautiful. And I tasted them all, they were delicious. It would be hard to choose a favorite.
    I thank you again and again. You and Clint both. I’ll never forget this birthday.

  2. 2010 in review « Myra's Cakery replied:

    […] Mom’s 60th birthday November 20101 comment 5 […]

  3. Ginger Purvis replied:

    Myra — these seem to show a lot of love and respect for your Mom. Beautiful ideas, beautiful work.

  4. Gabriel replied:

    A work mate linked me to your site. Thanks for the information.

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