Fletch’s Bacon cake

I wanted to make a bacon cake for Fletch’s birthday… because he likes bacon and everything is better with bacon!  Right?!?  So I had to decide… make a cake that looks like bacon, or make a cake that tastes like bacon.  I did find some recipes for maple cupcakes with bacon on top that actually sounded good, but I decided to go with making a cake that looked like bacon.  I wanted to make it look like a package of “Fletcher’s bacon” because his last name is Fletcher!  I was thinking I could to a frozen buttercream transfer to make the label, and make the bacon from fondant.  It did work pretty well, but I think the FBCT’s work best if they are placed on buttercream.

I made a 13×9 devil’s food cake and leveled it off  a couple days before.  The night of the party I iced the label using the FBCT method.  While it was in the freezer, I iced the cake with vanilla frosting and went to work on the fondant.  I mixed some reddish fondant with some white fondant and while I was mixing it, it got a marbled look, which seemed similar to a slab of bacon in the package.  So I rolled it out and put it on the cake.

I wanted an actual strip on bacon on each side, like you can see in the package of bacon.  So I made 2 strips and attached to each side.

Then I got the transfer out of the freeze and put it on the bacon.  Before I did that, I should have tried to score the fondant so it looked like slices, but I didn’t.  I tried it do it afterward and it was kind of hard! I piped a border of dots around the edge of the transfer.

At this point I should have piped on some more details to the label, like the real label has, but I was out of time, the party was already starting.  We took it over to the BBQ and Fletch loved it.  It was kind of creepy and gross looking, but it actually tasted really good and everyone got a good laugh out of it.


July 18, 2010. Birthday Cakes, Cake.

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