Wilton Class #2

For the second class we had to bring in a 1 layer 8 inch cake, we had to make a couple batches of frosting, and all our supplies, in order to decorate the cake.  Jenny and I had so much stuff!  Luckily we got a table together again.  We started out by leveling our cake and torting it.  Then put in a dam and added filling.  Things were going good up until this point, then I realized I hadn’t taken the top layer off my cake, I had put the filling on the top layer!  Jenny was able to help me use the cake lifter to lift the top off, put it on the cake board, then flip the bottom layer onto the top!  Crisis averted!

Next we filled our icing bag so we could ice the cake.  While trying to fill it, I dropped a big glop of icing on my lap!  I was wearing my apron though, so it was ok!  And really funny!  Then we iced our cakes.  Jenny and I had made a light violet color.

Next we had to practice making zigzags and dots on our practice board.

Today we were trying a piping gel transfer.  We put wax paper over a picture of a cupcake and traced it with piping gel.  Then we put the gel side of the wax paper on our cake and pressed down…

Then you remove the wax paper, and voila!  The image is on the cake for you to till in with icing…

We filled in the image, and added some cute decorations.  Then piped a zigzag border around the bottom.  The finished product…

And Jenny’s cake.  They both turned out really cute!

It was a little hot and crowded in the room, but all in all it was fun.  I think Jenny is starting to see why I like decorating!  We’re even talking about taking the next class! Woohoo!


July 9, 2010. Cake, Wilton Class.


  1. Sven replied:

    Haha we had way more fun than anyone else in class, that’s for sure! (PS don’t forget to put a title on your posts or they are hell to open up, at least from the iPhone…)

  2. myraruss replied:

    Oops! Thanks for pointing that out! It HAD a title, but I think I accidentally deleted it once when I couldn’t find my cursor, started typing, didn’t know where I was typing too, and just backspaced a bunch in case I had written somewhere weird… that weird place was the title I bet! lol Yes, we did have alot of fun! I forgot to mention your frosting pedicure! 😉

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