Getting ready for Wilton Class #2

Tomorrow is our second Wilton cake decorating class.  Since Jenny’s kitchen is all torn up (being remodeled after water damage) she came over here to bake cakes and make frosting with me!  Hooray!  I needed to make some cupcakes for a friend at work, so I made those tonight too, plus we are going to use the extra cupcakes for our 3rd class next week.

So I started before Jenny got here by mixing up and baking some vanilla cupcakes.  When Jenny got here, I made her make our cakes for class.  We are each supposed to bring 1 layer 8 inch cake.  So we mixed up some vanilla cake and put it into my new 8 inch pans.  They turned out nice!

While the cakes were baking, we started working on the frosting.  I have to admit, I usually buy the Wilton frosting pre-made because it’s always the right consistency and easy to decorate with.  So I was a little nervous about making frosting.  We followed their directions though, and it turned out good, I think.  We made a double batch of thin consistency and tinted it a light violet color to ice the cake with, and we made a double batch of medium consistency and left half white and half teal.  You’ll see tomorrow what we do with that!

While we were baking, we snacked on some raspberries from Green Villa… YUM!

When the cakes were done, we made a batch of devil’s food cupcakes and I taught Jenny the trick of putting the batter into a baggie and using the baggie to fill the cupcakes.  It works like a charm!

We had a good time in the kitchen….

And we got all our stuff packed up for class tomorrow…

I also got the cupcakes ready for Sky.  I will decorate those tomorrow before class!

I hope class goes well tomorrow!  I can’t imagine all of us in that tiny room when it’s 90 degrees outside!  We’re going to be melting… I hope our cakes don’t!


July 7, 2010. Wilton Class.


  1. Sandy replied:

    Sounds and looks like you guys had fun. Can’t wait to see the finished products! Yeah, the weather will be roasting. I’ll be feeling for ya in my nice, air conditioned house.

  2. Sven replied:

    And it was fun, too! Thanks for teaching me all of your cool tricks! And thanks for letting me eat ALL your berries! I feel like a berry hog but they do happen to be my favorite thing in the world (after jello shots)!

  3. myraruss replied:

    Haha I’m glad the berries got eaten before they went bad! And the berries kept us from eating all the leftover cupcakes! I put them in the freezer so I wouldn’t have to look at them until next week! 😉 You’re a great baker! You passed your initiation, you have been accepted into Myra’s Cakery!!

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