Wilton Class #1

For my birthday, Jenny paid for my “Decorating Basics” class at Michael’s!  Coolest birthday present EVER!  A couple weeks before my birthday, I was telling Jen that I wanted to take the class but I was nervous to go on my own.  I wondered if she would want to go with me.  Then my birthday came along, and she had paid for classes for both of us.  WOOHOO!  So the class is 4 Thursday nights in July, 2 hours per class.  Last night was our first one.  I had bought us our student kits and set them up in cute little carriers.  For the first class you were supposed to bring cookies to decorate too.  I ordered a dozen big round flat sugar cookies from the bakery, so we had 6 each.  They worked perfect!  We showed up to class a couple minutes late and almost didn’t get to sit together.  Panic!  Then a nice lady moved down one spot so we could sit together.  Yay!

The first class was mostly the instructor talking.  She told us how to bake a cake, how to make frosting, how to tort a cake, fill a cake, frost a cake…. etc  Then we practiced making stars, which I’m actually ok at since I do those star fill in cakes all the time (like Buzz Lightyear last week!)  After that we finally got to ice our cookies.  Jen and I had fun making cute little designs on our cookies, but we only had a few minutes before the instructor pulled us back to class to learn how to do a piping gel transfer for next week.

The 4 on the left are mine, the rest are Jenny’s.  I already squished 2 of mine putting them away before I remembered to take pictures!

After class, we did a little shopping.  We got the things we’ll need to class next week, plus I got some things for this weekend.  I can’t wait to see how 12 people crammed into a tiny hot room, 2 people to a table are going to ice cakes!  Crazy!


July 2, 2010. Cookies, Wilton Class.

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