To Infinity and Beyond!

My brother asked me to make a Buzz Lightyear cake for Miz’s 4th birthday.  I went and got the Wilton Buzz Lightyear pan at Michael’s, some colors, cupcake papers, and toppers.  I was thinking of doing some elaborate toppers made of fondant for the cupcakes, little characters from the movie, etc, but I ended up being sick for most of the week and weekend, so I just went with some basic fondant shapes instead.  I baked up the cake and cupcakes Friday night.

The cupcakes were vanilla with mini chocolate chips

The cake was devil’s food.

The next morning I started working on the cake and got it finished.

Then I worked on the cupcakes.  I just ended up frosting them white, adding blue sugar, and putting the Toy Story toppers and some fondant toppers on them.  I just went with stars and added 4’s because it was his fourth birthday, and his name (Miz).  I also made a couple that looked like Sheriff badges for Woody!

The last thing was writing Happy Birthday Miz and adding the candles.  It turned out pretty cute!


June 28, 2010. Birthday Cakes, Cake, Cupcakes.

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  1. Promise replied:

    he looks so good perfect!

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