My birthday cake failure!

Ok, so I’ve been putting off making this post because it was my first big failure cake!  I wanted to make a huge 3 tier cake for my birthday.  Not because we needed that much cake, but because I wanted to try making a tiered cake!  I think they look so neat!  I had looked at tons of cakes on Cake Central for inspiration and came up with some ideas.  The weird thing is, as I started working on the cake, I didn’t take ANY pictures.  It’s almost like I had a feeling it was going to fail and I didn’t want any pictures to show for it!

I started out on Friday baking 2 10′ round dark devils food cakes.  Then on Saturday I  went to bake the other 2 cakes, but realized I didn’t have an actual 8′ cake pan.  Plus, my pan for the 10 and 6 inch cakes were 2 inches high each, and the 9 inch pan I had makes about a 1 inch cake…. so I ended up making 3 9 inch raspberry cakes.  And finished with 2 6′ peanut better cakes.

Then I filled the devils food with dark chocolate icing and frosted the sides of it as well.  I rolled out white fondant and covered the cake.  First problem, the fondant didn’t quit reach all the way to the bottom on one side of the cake!  Plus I had a small pleat where I couldn’t smooth out the fondant at the bottom.  Grrr, not a good start!  I added support rods and then started on the next layer.  I filled the raspberry cake with raspberry filling. I did light pink fondant for this layer.  Put it on the cake and had the same problem with a spot that wasn’t smooth.  Also a small tear happened  there too!  Grrrr, I moved it to the same side as the problem on the bottom layer.  That will be the back of the cake, I thought.  It was hard to stack that layer on the bottom layer, but with Shawn’s help, I got it stacked.  Then I went to work on the top layer. I filled the peanut butter cake with chocolate filling and frosted it.  I did dark pink fondant for that layer.  This time the fondant went on with no tears, no puckering, it was perfect!  Yay!

The bottom layer I put fondant flowers on.  I put a pink ribbon on fondant around the bottom and then piped frosting around it to finish it off.

The middle layer, I did a quilting effect on, with sugar pearl accents.  I put a white fondant ribbon around that layer and piped the pink icing to finish.

The top layer I tried making fondant roses for and also made a Happy Birthday plaque surrounded by sugar pearls.

I had never made fondant roses before, but they turned out pretty good.  I just wasn’t sure how to attach them to the cake!  I used toothpick, but pushed too hard on a couple and the toothpick came out the front of the rose!  Grrrr… add it to the list of failures on this cake!

By the time it was done, the cake was leaning.  Not enough supports!  Plus, my cakes are really moist… not like the bricks/cake they show that they use on all those Ace of Cake Boss shows!  Moist cake wants to compress with all that weight on it.  Besides the weight of the cakes and fillings themselves, there was over 6 pounds of fondant on that cake!  Yikes!

The Leaning tower of cakesa!

Here’s it leaning from the side

And here’s a picture of the back with all the flaws!  The small tear in the back of layer 2 kept getting bigger and bigger as the cakes settled!

Ok, so I had my first major failure.  On the plus side, I learned ALOT!  And, even though I was afraid the cake would fall over, it didn’t.  Plus, the cake inside tasted GREAT!  I’m looking forward to trying again, maybe just a 2 tier, and see how that goes.


June 28, 2010. Birthday Cakes, Practice Cakes.


  1. lori pineau replied:

    You are a goofball — this was no failure. ABSOLUTELY not a failure. Everything in life cannot be perfection (to who’s standards anyway?). This was a fabulous first time piece. My goodness lighten up on yourself. You are an amazing artist — amazing cake decorator. You do things that amaze everyone. You need to give yourself a pat on the back — a nod of ” ok i did pretty good. The cake was beautiful — so it had a few — VERY FEW — uniq

  2. lori pineau replied:

    very few unique personality builders. This cake was beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done!!! You have learned sooooo much also — and that is always beneficial. I don’t know why my post split in 2 — leave it to me — oh no “I’m a failure”

  3. Barbara Locke replied:

    HI Myra,

    Your birthday cake looks absolutely fantastically delicious, and is a treat for the eyes as well. Aside from the llleeaanning, everything else looks great to the normal food-ie person, like me.

    The roses are delightfully realistic, and remind me of the lovely blooms that Great-Grandma used to make for her ceramic pieces. Some of her amazing artistry has certainly been inherited by you!

    Keep up the practice cakes. And give a call if you need anyone to help clean up the leftovers when the work is done. Lots of us would be happy to oblige…

    Take care — and have a great week.

    Love and Blessings,
    Auntie Barbara

  4. Promise replied:

    that cake is super pretty! good job! i suck at roses, and your are perfect!
    i know what you mean about leaning cakes! i always need to have some dowels and cardboard between layers. which is lucky for you that you can have Shawn run next door and cut dowels to length every time.

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