My cats’ first birthday… April 2008

So, back in June 2007 I adopted 2 kittens, a brother and sister.  We decided they must have been born some time in April.  In April, 2008 I decided to have a kitty birthday party for their first birthday.  I had always heard of the kitty litter cake and really wanted to try it.  It was alot of fun to make and tasted surprisingly good!  Here’s how it started…

I printed out some directions I found online, and went out and bought a brand new litter box and scoop, and washed them.  Then I baked 2 13×9 cakes.  I did one vanilla and one chocolate.

Then I roughly crumbled up both cakes and mixed with pudding.

Next, I crushed up some vanilla sandwich cookies.  I took a small amount of them and mixed them with some blue/green food color.  Then I sprinkled them all over the cake to look like litter.

For the finishing touch, I shaped some tootsie rolls into “turds”, and placed them around the litter box.  I turned out looking pretty realistic!

Even though it looked horrible, it tasted great!  You should have seen the looks on my nephews and nieces faces when I brought it out of the bedroom (where the real litter box is kept) and said “Look what the kitties and I made you for their birthday!!”  Even after I told them it was actually cake, they were scared to eat it until everyone else dug in!  Fun to make, fun to present, fun to eat!


June 4, 2010. Birthday Cakes.

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