Cupcakes for one and all

I made a batch (24) of chai latte spiced cupcakes with white chocolate icing tonight. I finished them 3 different ways…
I frosted 4 and put sprinkles on them, and put them in a cupcake box to take to my friend Heather at work tomorrow. Her birthday is November 2. Happy Birthday Heather!
I frosted some of them and sprinkled cinnamon on top, which is what the recipe calls for. They were good!
I frosted some of them, then attempted to pipe some little feet on them in pink and blue for Sam and Jenny. I just found out last week that Jenny is pregnant! The newest Potter addition needs to become accustomed to my baking, so I baked them some congratulatory cupcakes!

Six pink and six blue!


October 29, 2008. Cupcakes.

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