Dylan’s Birthday

I asked Dylan what he wanted for a birthday cake and he said Mario…. MARIO! Come on, why not pick something that’s a challenge! Just kidding, I think this was the hardest cake I’ve made so far! So I started out with a picture of the old pixelated Mario that Shawn printed for me off the internet. I then took a ruler and drew a grid on it so I could see what each pixel actually looked like. I used that picture to draw out my own version in Excel so that I would be able to scale the size of the squares more easily so I could get it the size I wanted. So on the right is the original picture and on the left is the excel Mario printed out the size I wanted the cake to be.
I then taped wax paper to the back of the excel pages so that the paper wouldn’t stick to the cake. I baked 2 9X13 cakes, one was vanilla with chocolate chips and the other was chocolate with chocolate chips. I trimmed the edges that were touching to that they would fit right up next to each other. I also leveled both cakes so I had a fairly even surface. Then I froze both cakes for a couple hours to make them easier to cut. When they were ready, I fixed the excel page onto the cake with toothpicks, and used it as a template to get the Mario shape I wanted.
When I was done cutting, it looked like this. Not much like Mario!
After cutting, I put a quick layer of vanilla frosting over the whole thing to seal the cake and get the edges covered. After that set up, I started putting on the color. I used a kabob stick to trace out an outline of where I wanted each color to go. Then I filled in each area, starting with the Red. Then the copper or flesh color.
I used milk chocolate frosting for the brown. Here it is all finished up. It’s not perfect by far, but I think it’s recognizable who it is at least! If only I knew how to work with Fondant, I think it could look MUCH better. But real frosting tastes way better than fondant, so I guess it’s a trade. I’d rather my cakes tasted better than they looked, than vise versa.

I hope Dylan likes it! The party is tomorrow!


August 30, 2008. Uncategorized.

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