Friday off = garage sale day!

Mom and I went garage sale-ing this morning. My first purchase was the 3 items above. I got the little green pitcher for 25 cents, the green vase with daisies for 25 cents (it’s not old, but I thought it was cute) and the yellow Hull bowl for 50 cents. I spent a whole dollar!
At a sale in Monmouth I bought this Hawaiian Hello Kitty for $1. Shhh… don’t tell Shawn!
At that same sale I also got this framed poster for $5. It was the big purchase for the day, but I really liked it. Not sure where it will hang yet, but hopefully I can talk Shawn into putting it up somewhere.
At a large multi-family sale I got 6 Pampered Chef mini cookbooks for 50 cents each and 3 Mary Englebriet teapots for $1. I will have fun looking through the books.
My last purchase of the day were these white flower bowls. They are slightly larger than the blue and green ones I already had. I have 2 blue, 2 green and 1 white of the smaller ones and I bought 6 of the large white ones for $1.50! They look cute together!

So I spent $12.50 for all this fabulous junk to add to all the fabulous junk I already have! haha It was a fun day though, and Mom and I even went to a new place for lunch in Dallas. I already can’t remember the name, something like Mike and Michelle’s. It’s a little cafe that serves breakfast and lunch. I had a taco salad and Mom had a burger, both were really good. I also got a homemade cinnamon roll to go for Shawn. We haven’t tried it yet, but it looks delicious!

Ok, time for a NAP! All that shopping wore me out! Hope everyone has a nice weekend!


June 20, 2008. garage sale finds bargains.

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