Cake baking time again!

We are going to Tualatin for a party for Pap tonight. His birthday is tomorrow. He texted me yesterday and said Zerg (his friend) thought I should bake him a cake because last time they were here they had seen all the pictures of cakes I had made. So with little notice, I just did a simple checkerboard cake. Above is the prep for it.
Here are the 3 cakes ready to be baked. I did chocolate fudge cake, and golden vanilla cake with chocolate chips. He said he wanted chocolate! I think it will taste good.
Here are all 3 cakes cooling. They turned out good! When the cake is assembled and cut into, each piece will have the checkerboard effect on the inside, with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla chocolate chip… or that’s the theory anyway!


Here it is all finished and decorated. I frosted it with store bought vanilla frosting, then made some butter cream and tinted it black and red for the decorating. I still haven’t quite got the buttercream down. It doesn’t seem creamy enough and is a little dry, so hard to work with for decorating. But it turned out looking pretty good. The 4 dots at the top are for candles. He’s 31, but instead of 31 candles, I’m going to put on 3 and 1! I have some cool black and white candles, so it should look nice. I hope everyone enjoys it!


June 7, 2008. Uncategorized.


  1. TRACY! replied:

    That’s awesome – did it work when you sliced into it? I always wondered how they did that…

  2. Myra replied:

    Yes it worked! I just posted a picture of the inside above! You do it with a special insert into the cake pan. Although I always just tell people it’s magic! 😉

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