I need a place to put all my crazy cat pictures…

Playing under my monitor
Watching me play WoW
The awkward teenage years
Just a couple days ago

The first day I got her

So I’m going to try blogging about my crazy cats! We’ll see how it goes because, who in their right mind would want to read about and see my crazy cats but me…. oh well! So the first pictures are of my sweet baby girl kitty. I got her in June 2007 when she was about 8 weeks old. Clint (my brother) found her in his backyard when he was dumping grass clippings! She was with her momma and a brother and sister. Clint knew I was wanting a kitten for my birthday so he kept the cats in a pet crate for a couple weeks, feeding them and litter box training them.

My nephew Dylan and I came up with her name, Tipsi, because the tips of her ears and tail were darker gray, while the rest of her was a silver color.

Ok so this isn’t working exactly how I want it to, but I’ll work on it later when I have more time.


May 17, 2008. Cats.

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