Big Boy

A couple months after I got Tipsi, I went back and got her brother. I swear he’s her brother, though they look and act NOTHING alike! She is small, short-haired and part Siamese. He’s HUGE, long-haired, and part Maine Coon. She’s playful and energetic. He’s also playful, but prefers the toys come to him while he’s lying around.

I originally named him Kringer, like from He-Man, because all he did was cringe under my bed for the first few weeks I had him. But over time his name changed to Big Boy because that’s what I’m always calling him.

He likes to lounge. That’s mostly all he does. He sits with his arm on the arm rest and watches TV with us. I think he thinks he’s a little person.

He loves boxes. No matter how small, he will try to cram himself inside. I think he must feel safe in there? It can have some pretty funny results though!

He’s a sweet fluffy boy and I love him!


May 17, 2008. Cats.

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